About the company

Our team of experts is dedicated to success of your business goals. Our 50+ clients trust us their valuable information, details of transactions and their own assets. With a deep dive in every specific problem and thorough analysis, our experts find the best solutions for each problem. Activitis has the experience, tools, and local knowledge to manage and represent your interests in commercial real estate transactions and assist with financial needs.

About the company

Since 2013 Activitis has assisted mid-sized and large businesses to achieve their financial goals and scale up their operations. Activitis specializes in real estate management, financial services, helps business with consulting services.The company is a certified member of FIABCI organisation, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Association of Financial Institutions.

  • savvy experts with a profound knowledge of local market
  • transparent conditions of cooperation
  • flexible models of partnership
  • result-oriented approach

Our Values


  • The client gets the result.
  • Our team will take care about the process.
  • We develop and implement the solutions that will bring tangible results to our clients.


  • In every project our team performs the function of “a fresh look” at the client’s business.
  • We are a reliable partner who helps achieve a new level of development.
  • We value the loyalty of our clients and put trust in the heart of our team.


  • We do not stand still.
  • Our team is constantly improving the knowledge of our local market, keeps track on the changes in legislation field as well as oversees global trends.
  • This helps us find the most applicable solutions for each particular case.

Financial Services

A reliable partner in the field of finance

We are a firm that provides financial services with the purpose of providing the best and extensive services in Financial Advisory, Tax Audit and Consulting, committed to the excellent quality that distinguishes each of our professionals. Activitis’ financial and legal professionals have extensive experience in investment and banking industry. We are committed to developing strategies aimed to increase your revenue and market value according to your business needs.

Real Estate & Commercial Property Management

A reliable partner for real estate management

Activitis handles the full spectrum of real estate management, from residential and commercial buildings to new developments. We are dedicated to the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and customer service. More than 80 000 sq meters of commercial & real estate property were managed by our team of financial, legal, marketing and technical experts. In-depth expertise on the local market coupled with knowledge of global trends allows us to develop actionable strategies and maximize revenue from each managed property.

Facts about the company

Activitis was founded in 2013

Integrity and impeccable client service is in our company’s DNA. To guarantee the highest level of service to our clients, Activitis is keeping tabs on the latest trends in the property management & financial services and collaborates with best in class partners.

Activitis was founded
80 000 м2
of commercial & real estate property managed by Activitis
2,5 x
average ROI maximization in oor long-term projects
100 %
customer satisfaction at the end of each Activitis project